Moose, Goose, Deer

When Madame Rosalie de Leval arrived in what is now Hancock County, Maine, she she was thrilled to observe the many wild animals. Below is a poem I penned in the car while traveling the Maine roads, where I saw many of the pictured warning signs. 

Definitely it was not a goose!           


This beast was massive,
Certainly not passive.
While racing high speed ahead
It saw me and it stopped dead.

His eyes, locked into mine, seemed to screecher,
“You certainly are such a strange creature.
Did you ever star in a horror movie feature?”

Intimidated, into my skin I cowered.
He smiled and said his name was Howard.
This creature is nocturnal,
Perhaps too, it is paternal.

If the plural of mouse is mice,
Is the plural of moose to be “meece?”

Crossword puzzle clues ask for a type of deer.
I wonder, do you hold a big moose dear?
If so, let me hear one loud cheer.

Those white tail deer jump wide and far,
Oops! What big thing flew over our car?
What? A new sign! A new critter?
A deer, we also not want to be a hitter!

Moose and deer, deer and moose,
Observe the signs or cook your goose
OK, so I’m not a poet,
At the very least, I know it!


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