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Mapping Intertwined Love’s Geographical Settings

For January 7, 2013’s WordPress.com weekly challenge participants were invited to incorporate their Google Maps embed feature by plotting out some of the favorite places that you’ve been, or the places you want to go…or the geographical sites in Intertwined Love

So I did.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: A group of Revolutionary War military men gathered at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern and determined that land in the Northwest Territory, in Ohio, could be used as a way to pay military men for their war service. A group of unidentified men known as the Scioto Associates succeeded in acquiring a sub-grant under the 1987 Ohio Land Grant.

PARIS, FRANCE: The Scioto Associates sent a representative to Paris to meet a commitment to sell part of their newly acquired land in Europe. Joel Barlow was their representative in Paris. Luckily for Barlow the French Revolution created a desire for Frenchmen to leave France and the land sold like hotcakes.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: The French who purchased land in Ohio left Le Havre, France and sailed into Alexandria. Many left Alexandria to travel over multiple mountain ranges to (to continue reading click on Writing Challenge: Map It Out—Travel With Me Through My Novel-in-Progress )



Procope Cafe, Paris


     The Procope’s history is closely linked with eighteenth century revolutionary ideas.
     Sicilian Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli opened Le Procope, a café/ice cream establishment, in 1686. He may (or may not have) adopted the name Procopio from the historian Procopius.

     The opening marked the beginning of some serious coffee drinking in Paris.

Photo by Daneen Kinsey

     Procope was originally marketed as a lemonade shop, and its sumptuous décor combined with its air of sophistication attracted a clientele keen to distance itself from the more loutish elements of the day. The name “café” was given to the establishment only when the consumption of coffee outsold that of other beverages, including like cognac.

     Shortly after Procope debuted, the Comédie Française opened across the road. The café/ice cream establishment soon became a meeting ground for actors, writers, musicians and poets.

Photo by the Griffeths

     The Café Procope was the first French location that served coffee, which had recently been imported from Austria, where the Viennese “got their caffeine zonks” from the Turks during a lull in the Ottoman siege of their city ca. 1623.

     Coffee was considered a subversive beverage in France at the time the Procope opened. It took daring to drink coffee then, but the freethinkers consumed it. Voltaire reportedly drank (to continue reading click on: PROCOPE CAFÉ, PARIS Part 2 )



Procope Cafe, Paris: Taking photos is an international venture